Toy Safety: How You Can Protect Your Child

Dear Visitor: With the thousands of toys available, how do you know which are safe for your children? Here you’ll find the information you need to make safe choices and valuable tips on what you as parents or caregivers can do to protect your children. Please Bookmark This Site!
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US Finally Bans Lead in Children’s Toys
by Joel Simon
The U.S. government took a surprisingly long time to officially ban lead from children’s toys. There is not enough safety oversight for toys and other products that children play with.
Children who have been injured by dangerous toys and defective products have legal rights.
The Basics of Buying Safe Toys
by Victor Expand
There are basic safety rules for everything. This article talks about toy safety when purchasing toys, especially for smaller children. Safety should always be first, even when you’re purchasing a toy. You want to make sure your child learns, and has fun without worrying about them getting hurt with the toys they love.
The Dangers of Cadmium
baby mouthing plastic toy with phthlatesby: Karen Whitehurst
Sadly, many toys that originally had lead-tainted paint now contain another dangerous element called cadmium. Cadmium is actually more dangerous than lead, and it has been linked to brain damage in young children. It is important to recognize the signs of cadmium poisoning so that you can hopefully prevent health issues for those you love.
Toy Safety – How Do I Know My Child Is Safe With This Toy?
By Melody Andes
If you have seen on the televisions or read on newspapers, there are a lot of toys that have been recalled, confiscated and banned because they are said to be harmful for kids. This is basically why you need to make sure that the toys that you are going to purchase for your child is really safe for him/her. But how would you be able to determine if a toy is safe for your child or not? Here are some information and tips to help you determine such matter.
Choking Hazards: Six Ways To Safeguard small part toy test cylinderYour Child!-By Michael Pietrafesa
Small part choking hazards are an ever present danger to children under 3. How come children die every year from choking? Learn how you can prevent injury or even death with simple safeguards.
Protect Your Child Against This Hidden Toy Safety Hazard
by Lill Hawkins
You may think that your child is safe because you’ve checked their toys. Unfortunately, you probably haven’t even considered this little-known but dangerous situation most children are in every day. Parents must be ever vigilant with their children to prevent them from playing with unsafe toys. It’s up to you!

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